If you're considering going green, there is only one "best choice" and that's a Rockwind refurbished and renovated wind turbine on your site.  Instead of buying your power from a big utility company or from some anonymous mega wind farm, take control of your energy future and get both the economic and social marketing benefits of having an onsite Rockwind refurbished wind turbine.  
The Rockwind Difference
  • We offer 100 kW, 250 kW, 400 kW, 600 kW, 750 kW and 900 kW turbines - a size to fit your energy needs or your physical size requirements.
  • Our on-site, standalone wind turbines are the most cost effective form of renewable energy!
    • The cost of a Rockwind turbine is typically $1.50 per Watt,  e.g., for a 600 kilowatt turbine the price would be $900,000 (of course transportation and installation are extra and depend upon your location).
  • We offer the option of just the turbine or we will install and commission the turbine. 
  • Installation (site selection, preparation, foundation, electrical work and actually erection of the turbine) costs can range from $0.50 to $0.75 per Watt depending upon factors such as location, wage costs, and distance from the building, e.g., the installation price for a 600 kilowatt turbine would range from $300,000 to around $450,000.
  • Our turbines are not only refurbished (top to bottom - so to speak) but are renovated, as well, to introduce new technologies not in existence when these turbines were originally manufactured..
  • Our refurbished and renovated turbines have a pay-off period of 7 to 10 years, which means that for that 7 to 10 years, the cost of the energy produced by your turbine is inflation-free and after the payoff period, the cost gets even better – basically free.
  • With a Rockwind turbine next to your place of business, your customers and neighbors will know you take your commitment to a sustainable environment seriously.  
  • We offer a standard 2 year warranty and an optional extended warranty.

Finding the Right turbine: Many European countries are repowering (replacing older turbines with much larger newer turbines to gain more power production from Europe’s relatively scarce wind lands) their wind turbine population, and that’s good news for US businesses and organizations that are looking for an affordable means of incorporating renewable energy into their total energy budget.  These smaller turbines (rated in hundreds of kilowatts) that provided countries like Denmark and The Netherlands with cost effective energy for one or two decades are being replaced with megawatt scale (now 2 to 3 megawatt) turbines.  In short, to get more renewable energy to meet their energy demands, European countries are going up (in height) rather than using more acreage. The older turbines, the ones being taking down, still have the potential of producing significant energy once they are refurbished.  And of course we all know the European penchant for taking care of their machinery, which means these  turbines have been very well maintained.
Our goal, when selecting a decommissioned turbine, is to ensure we get the best value for our investment so we can provide the best possible turbine for our customers. We utilize a growing number of wind turbine professionals who honed their skills as the European wind turbine industry grew. These professionals know what to look for in a decommissioned turbine and they are picky.