RockWind Mid-Scale Wind Turbines

Rebuilt Turbines – Better than new and much more cost-effective.

    Ideal for Net-metering
    Powerful 25 year machines featuring:

  • Rebuilt, regeared major vendor machines, such as Vestas
  • Gearboxes rebuilt by vendor authorized repair facility.
  • Rebuilt or new generators
  • Refurbished blades and leading edges taped for longer life and quieter performance (something not available when the blades were first built)
  • Digital electronic controls –Internet connected – with state-of-the-art drivetrain machinery health monitoring  again not available when these machines were built.
  • Stall controlled for simplicity of operator – no blade pitch mechanism to fail.
  • Painted tower for long lifetime.
  • These machines can provide you with fast paybacks (7 to 10 years). Using net-metering gives you power typically worth $10 cents per KWH electricity offset per year. For example, our 250 KW turbine has produced 400,000 kwh/year ($40,000) in good wind.
     How to be green while putting some green in your pocket

Contact Dick Johnson (630)-881-6664 johnsonr@rockwindpartners.com